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Undo Format Seagate External USB

As we know, USB hard disk drives are widely chosen by people to assist them storing data by its various disk capacities and handy size. USB hard disk drives are very convenient to take along; it has a strong ability to resist tremor and it is relatively cheaper than other external hard disk drives. Just because USB hard disk drives hold such advantages so its market has become larger. Now there are lots of companies manufacturing USB hard disk drives, like Kingston, Toshiba, and Samsung and so on. Among them, we are very familiar with a very successful enterprise, Seagate, which has produced tons of popular productions and from all these years it has gained many compliments from its loyal users. However data loss is actually inevitable, due to the USB hard disk drive is portable so it can be used on a lot of computers, which means the high frequently usage poses them vulnerable to be damaged.

"I am very upset because my old Seagate external USB hard disk drive got damaged. I tried to get some information from it this morning, but as soon as I put it in my PC a dialog came said 'Your external USB hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?' Of course I did not want to format it, I have got many important data on it and I do not have backups. However the OS did not left me another choice so I had to format it. I have been using it for almost 4 years and it always work fine, my friend told me it might be damaged after that massive use, which makes sense. Consequently my data on it all vanished, how can I undo format Seagate external USB?"

What can cause the Seagate external USB formatted?

As the formatting issues are very common recently which shows by people's concern online. So why don't we figure out the causes first for solving problems more smoothly.

1. People choose to format it for regularly computer system cleaning or keeping new data. Formatting a Seagate external USB drive would make it empty just like initialized it. That is why people can use this point to clean up the drives, which is a very nice habit for all computer users.

2. The Seagate external hard disk drive would be asked to format due to virus infection. This is extremely common in computer application, and not only for USB disk drives, as for the whole computer is a threat too. Virus come from internet by attached with many popular files like blockbusters, pop music and so on. They are transmitted by inserting the external data storage equipments into the virulent computers and other means.

3. Computer users accidentally formatted the Seagate external USB drives are not less common as well. For instance: carelessly chose the wrong drives to format and caused the data loss or imprudently press the 'Yes' button when the interface asks to format the Seagate external USB drives.

How can we cope with formatted Seagate external USB drives?

So far I can tell you the optimum way to recover the lost data is to apply data recovery tools retrieving them. Data recovery software is specially made by professionals aiming at many data loss scenarios. They are generally used by normal computer users and it is very easy to understand how they achieve the missions. Their advanced scan power can find the lost data in the hidden place on the drive without any trouble, (if your lost files are not seriously damaged) and recover them back in your sight on the drives. What features do they have?

a. They are easy to manipulate attribute to the clear instructions illustrated by pictures and usually there are some examples too.

b. They can recover data from formatted external hard drives, corrupted data storage devices, virulent hard disk drives, mistakenly deleted data from USB drives and so on.

c. They can restore deleted files from external hard disk drives, USB hard drives, SD cards, Mp3 players, memory sticks, thumb drives, security digital cards, SATA hard disk drives and so on.

d. They can recover lost data from many drives of different makes, like Kingston, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, PNY, Aigo and so on.

e. They can work with any file systems, such as EXFAT, FAT32, FAT12, FAT16, NTFS.

The experience of using data recovery softwares:

"My roommate borrowed my Seagate external USB drive to copy some important data, but when he came back the drive has been formatted and the data on it are gone. I research the internet and people are all using data recovery softwares to cope with such problems. I tried it as well, the informations on my Seagate external USB are all back now. Those softwares are amazing, now I do not worry about data loss anymore."

Recover Data after Formatting Seagate External USB

When data has been lost due to formatting the Seagate external USB, you should stop using the external USB. Especially, you cannot write new data to the external USB. Then, you can rely on the data recovery software to retrieve the lost files easily.

Recover data from formatted Seagate external usb

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Connect the Seagate external usb to your computer. Then, run the software and go to a proper recovery module.

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