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WD External Disk Format Recovery

Maybe we just put our attentions on the computer and internet when we applying the PC, but did not notice that the data storage devices are also undertake a lot too, such as internal or external hard disk drives, USB flash or pen drives, SATA hard drives, memory card. They are in an effort to performing the data keeping missions. The meaning of data for all of us is significant, so nobody would casually put himself at the predicament of losing data situations. One common situation about data loss is formatting. You may format an external hard disk due to mitake. Or you may format a memory card due to RAW file system. This article will show you how to recover data from Western Digital external hard disk.

Western Digital Corporation is the famous manufacturer of hard disk drives, which has won tons of praises and cognitions among its rivals. The hard disk drives or external hard disk drives produced by Western Digital Corporation provided the high quality, high efficiency and high stability to us. However we all know that data loss is inevitable and annoying, so how to find a way to resolve the data loss issues becomes the top question nowadays. But we do have some measures against it, data recovery software. Here I can firstly give you an example of how people retrieving their lost information by data recovery software.

"Today I have learned a lesson about how to get back my data from my formatted Western Digital external hard disk drive. I wanted to send some interesting movies to my younger cousin from the Western Digital external hard disk drive this afternoon. However when insert it onto my computer there was a dialog came said 'Your external hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want to do it now?'. I understand that formatting a drive could make it empty so I clicked 'No'. But the operating system did not let get inside of the drive. It seemed that I did not have any other chances, so I formatted and of course everything on that drive has gone. My daughter who is a naughty girl always obsessed with internet taught me to use data recovery software to redeem the data. I downloaded one and followed the steps to finish the recovery process. Just a while, my lost data have come back! I never knew this kind of magical software before, I am very grateful about the good job it did."

According to this guy who successfully recovered the missing data from formatted Western Digital hard drives, we can see that the data recovery is not very difficult and troublesome if we apply data recovery software.

What is data recovery software?

Data recovery software is the solution of data loss that elaborately designed by experts to help people. They have different brands and various functions. They are not the nerds to do the job rigidly, their performances are very flexible depends on different requirements. Better yet, you can now find and use some of them on line without spend a penny. So what can they do?

A: They can resurrect your disappeared data from a varieties of circumstances,( use Western Digital external hard drives as instances below) like mistakenly deleted data on Western Digital hard disk drive by careless people, losing data by formatting the Western Digital hard disk drives by accident or intentionally, data loss due to the computer has been attacked by virus, malware or Trojan horses and so on.

B: They retrieve the lost data by its advanced scanning power: they seek out( scanning ) the data from the "deleted list", and avoid the main board of computer operating system to bring them back on the Western Digital external disk. You might ask me how could the data still here after we deleted it or formatted it? Because the computer did not really wiped out all the deleted data at once after we cleaned them. It just made them invisible on the drive somewhere that we could not see in order to move more rooms for the new data. But once the other data (any kinds of files) are input on this affected drive, the old missing ones would be replaced, which means gone for good. This process is called overwriting, so you better prevent it happen.

C: The data recovery softwares can restore all the data you lost and they can just recover the ones you need from all of the lost data. This is one of the bright spots of them. You can set up a certain demand (like music, documents, videos, date of files, size of files) that decides what infos you need among all the deleted data. For instance: You set up 'music files' as the ones you want, then the software just scanning the drive to bring back music to you.

The data recovery softwares are currently widely accepted by computer users, and they can always impress them. I guess you can be satisfied by them as well if you give it a try!

Recover Data after Formatting WD External Disk

The data recovery is able to unformat Westernal Digital external hard disk so that you can get back all lost files. As long as the the WD external disk is not physically damaged, and the space where was used to store lost data is not overwritten, you can recover data easily by using this data recovery software.

Recover data from formatted wd external disk

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Plug the WD external hard disk to the computer and run the software. Then, you need to select a recovery module.

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