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Can I recover data from a formatted external hard drive

In the long way of reserving data, people has kept their data in many means, also they came across barriers too. Formatting a data storage devices is a typical nettlesome data keeping problem. By the operation of formatting memory card, every single file on it would be deleted so that you will see nothing on the drive. However we can do the data recovery, because the data were not really be wiped out but just be hidden. All you need to do is to find a right helper to work for your sake. Format data recovery softwares are the helpers when i was in predicament, they got back every single file that i lost that time. They did a great data recovery job for me.

Reason for formatting the memory cards

Now I am gonna analyze the causations, solutions and what you should avoid for you in order to assist you to finish data recovery after formatted a memory card. ( Actually data recovery softwares get covered almost all the data storage device, here take memory cards as example.)

Generally, people choose formatting a memory card because the capacity of card is not enough for further data keeping or they just simply think the content is unordered. So they previously make backups of the files and formatted it. But there are always some people who imprudently forgot making backups before start the whole thing, so problem occurred.

Besides the formatting with willingness, more situations involved with forced powers. For instance, some people don't know that their memory cards have been infected by virus, so when the virus attack the memory card, the file system of it are easily get destructed. Next time when they put cards on computers or cameras, the interface says "your memory card is not formatted,do you want to format it now?" or "can't detected any drives." or the memory card shows RAW file system. The owners just can format it to get rid of the virus .

What's more, some people make themselves obstacle intentionally by careless operations. Tons of people hold the habit re-installing the computer operation system to increase the speed of OS or for other reasons. Somehow making the backups first seems very easy to slip from one's attention. ( Here we realize that backups are so important which can save us many unnecessary work.) Consequently, after the process of re- installing they found out the drives are all with new empty faces.

Data recovery software can resolve the problem for us

From now, you can lean your back on the chairs. Let format data recovery softwares offer their abilities to help you complete data recovery after formatted memory card. Then how do they work?

When you were formatting the memory cards, your files are not really cleaned up by the OS. The computer just erased the data on address table, so what factually annoyed you just the surface phenomena. And this point leaves the chances to format data recovery softwares to find the invisible data back on your cards. They are all outfitted with very efficient and powerful scanning functions which enable them to detect and recover the lost files on the table of partitions fastly.

Data loss scenarios:

In fact other causations of data loss also can be fixed by format data recovery softwares:

Error loading operating system

Damage partition tables

Deleted drives or partitions

Ghost hard drives

What is overwriting?

Nevertheless, there is one more point for you to complete data recovery after formatted memory card which you must bear in mind. Do not overwrite the card! Overwrite is a process that after computer users deleted data or formatted some devices, input new data on the effected devices, which eradicates the very last opportunity to restore the lost data back due the new data replaced the old ones.

After the introduction that I bet you are welcome format data recovery softwares to be the saviors for you to solve the problem of data recovery after formatted a memory card.

Recover Data after Formatting Memory Card

You may format your memory card on a digital camera, cell phone or computer. You can recover data from a memory card after formatting by using data recvoery software. With a data recovery software, you can recover data from formatted SD card, CF card, XD card, TF card, etc.

Recover data from formatted memory card

Preparation: Download and install the data recovery software. Connect the memory card to your PC via a card reader or USB cable. Then, run the data recovery software.

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