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Recover Data from Formatted Maxtor External HDD

According to the title, you might not know much about Maxtor external hard disk drives? About formatted external USB hard drive recovery? Then have you ever formatted an external hard disk drive? Let me explain them to you one by one.

Maxtor is a brand that comes from Maxtor Corporation. Maxtor corporation is a very competitive company which known for manufacturing data storage devices. It has been working on its reliable productions for years and has gained lots of compliments and cognitions.

Formatting a hard disk drive is an operation that initially be carried out under the situations that the computer users thought their hard disk drive needs to be cleaned up or the first time the hard disk drives are used on the computers since formatting could empty a drive including its data and errors.

Data recovery is an operation which can perform rescuing lost data from RAW file system, damaged, formatted, corrupted data storage devices or other circumstances which can cause data loss. The data loss can be displayed as the drive can not be entered or the disk capacity stays as empty condition and so on.

"How to rehab the lost data from the Maxtor external hard disk drive? Yesterday I was going to print out some study materials from my Maxtor external hard disk drive. But when I was processing it, suddenly hit by power failure. After the electricity back on was 4 hours later, I was fall asleep. However, my dad used my computer to find some stuff. This morning he told me he has finished cleaning the useless craps on some of the hard drives via formatting them. That time I recalled that my Maxtor is on it. It turned out he did formatted my Maxtor external hard disk drive. All my study materials, my essays and some reports were on it. Is there any data recovery pros can help me find back my data?"

Here we are confronting of the issue that what kind of tools shall we use to perform data recovery? The most appropriate answer is Data Recovery Softwares!

The functions of data recovery softwares:

Data recovery softwares are the specialized tools for retrieving data from various losing data situations. Don't doubt their abilities, they can finish the mission flexibly and almost perfectly. They abilities can be exhibited from two aspects: logical damages and physical damages. Logical damages are usually include accidentally deleted data from drives, formatted data carelessly, part of data lost from some partitions of the drives or virus attacking posed data loss etc. Physically damages are, for instance, bad sectors existing in the drives, the magnetic head shifted its positons from the original spot or the computer operating system can not recognize the hard disk drives.

Data recovery softwares can help computer users restore missing data from any kinds of data storage equipments like SD cards, thumb drives, USB flash drives, Mp3 players, Mp4 players, memory sticks, internal or external hard disk drives, memory cards and so on.

Data recovery softwares can recover many types of files from affected drives, such as video( avi, ad-avi, bmp, gif, png, jpeg, tiff, mp4), music( wave, mp3, wma, mod, mid, flac, asf, aac), document( ppt, pub, mpp, doc, one, pdf, vsd, xls, 3ds), pictures( bmp, gif, eps, dcs, jpeg, pcx, pdf, sct).

Data recovery softwares could bring back your lost your data from any computer operating systems covering Window systems, Mac systems, Linux systems.

Data recovery softwares support lots of files systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, EXT3, EXT4, NTFS and so on.

Data recovery softwares allow users to preview the files that they want to regain prior to they actually start the recovery process. So people can seize the chance to choose which files they need the most and manage the sequence of recovery process by typing the demand. For example, if you just need the photos back, you should enter the photos. Then the softwares do not need to scan every piece of data on that affected drive, which prevent wasting your precious time.

Data recovery softwares have the ideas to repair your bad sectors too, also can working on the damaged files system table and so on. If you do not need this function (which means your problem belongs to logical damage), they can bypass this process,just get into the disks in a read mode, directly seek out the losing data in order to save your time.

Other fatal point that you do not want to miss:

1. Do not overwrite the affected hard drives: overwriting is a extremely important point that you have to bear it in mind. Please do put anything on the drive after losing data, otherwise you cannot get back you data.

2. Making backups is a very effective way to save your energy and time if you come across the data loss issues.

3. Antivirus programs are best friend of every computer.

Recover Data after formatting Maxtor external hdd

Advanced data recovery software is able to recover lost files off a Maxtor external hard disk after formatting or reformatting. You should ensure not to overwrite the external hard disk before data recovery.

Recover data from formatted Maxtor external hdd

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Connect the Maxtor external hdd to your computer and run recovery software.

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