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Western Digital RAW Drive Data Recovery

Today the theme is about how to perform Western Digital raw hare disk drive data recovery. Initially, Western Digital Corporation is a well-known hard disk drive production company all over the world, which has been devoting to provide for the global personal computer users with the perfect storage solution. And for a long time it has become the pioneer and leader of the data storage devices field. As for raw drive, this is an abnormal state of Western digital hard disk drives that displays as the drive can not be opened or read coupled with the disk capacity is empty since the computer system can not recognize the drive. This situation always come with some errors like "Your external hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?", "Sector is not found." or "there is an error accessing your external hard disk drive, it is not formatted." and so on.

"My computer says that my Western Digital external hard disk drive is not accessible, also the screen indicates that this drives holds nothing on it. There is only a letter says 'Your external hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want you format it now?' I was going to use the backups of my clients' information which were on this drive this morning, but I found the drive refuses to work. However I have not done any thing to it and until last night it was fine. Now my backups are gone I have none customers' data at all. Please tell what is wrong with that drive? Does format means my drive is damaged? And am I still able to restore my data?"

This is a typical situation that the Western digital external hard drive is stay as raw condition. As we can see that this guy is pretty anxious and nervous since the data on it mean a lot to him. Well, if we want to solve this tricky problem, we better dig some clues from reasons first.

The usual causations of Western Digital external hard disk drive shows as raw condition:

Under the normal circumstances the files system of Western Digital external hard disk should be one of NTFS, EXFAT, FAT32, FAT12, FAT16, EXT3 etc. Then now the raw drive implies that this hard drive has been fragmented by some means. However the common reasons of damaging the drives are corruptions, computer crashes and so on. First of all, corruption is not a strange type of damages that we confront during the computer applying. Virus infection can make drives corrupted due to they can simply break the structure of the file system. Additionally, just a little careless we can easily catch the virus from internet. So this is absolute a point that we should be attentive about. Another very general one reason is wrong operations. People always do things in their own ways but neglected that computer has its own rules of operating, people do not act up to the regulations then the consequence comes soon, corruption.

Your best choice: Data Recovery Softwares!

Data recovery softwares are masterpieces of professionals that devote to clean up your obstacles of data loss. But here they are not only able to recover the data that you lost, they can do something to the raw drive too.

* Recover the missing data from Western Digital external hard disk drive.

1. This useful function can find back data from lots of scenarios: external hard drive got formatted by accident or formatted the drives on purpose; drives got corrupted; unintentionally deleted the data from drives; the drives got initialized when it was put onto the PC; virus attacking got the drives damaged and caused the data loss and so on.

2. Data recovery softwares are capable to work under lots of computer operating systems like Windows system, Mac systems and Linux system.

3. Data recovery softwares own the ability to restore many types files as well as the various formats of those files.

4. Data recovery softwares can redeem lost data from almost any data storage equipments, like thumb drives, USB hard drives, memory cards and so on.

5. Data recovery softwares supply the function of previewing the images of the files you want to recover before you do it.

* Fix the raw state Western Digital external hard drive.

There is a special function of some data recovery software that can use their special raw file system recovery module to convert it to the normal files system. This process would not take so long that you can easily and quickly have your healthy Western Digital external hard drive back.

After the introduction of data recovery softwares you must understand why they are so popular now. If you have the similar troubles please let them help you, then you will be so amazed about its efficiencies!

Recover Data before Fixing RAW Drive Error

If data stored on the RAW Seagate external hard disk is important, you need to run data recovery software to get back lost files from the RAW drive first of all. When data has been restored successfully with the data recovery software, you can format the Seagate external hard drive to fix RAW file system problem.

Recover data from RAW Seagate external hard disk

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Connect the Seagate external hard disk to your computer. Then, run the software and go to a proper recovery module.

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