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SATA Hard Fisk Not Detected Data Recovery

Hard disk drives are playing a very important role in our daily lives, they keep their hands across almost every aspect of lives. Influence our work, study, entertainment and so on. Most of the time, they provide high efficiency, high capacity and high quality for us. Among all of the hard drives, we have different choices, today we are going to talk about SATA hard drive. Comparing other hard disk drives, SATA hard disk drives are more stable and transmission rate is higher. So currently this kind of hard disk drives are deemed as main stream. But just like external hard disk drives sometimes SATA hard disk would encounter "not detected" problem as well.

"My computer shows that my SATA hard disk drive is not detected by main board. My brother helped me installing the computer system, because I am not a computer person. So I do not get which part is wrong now, is the problem about installing wrongly? I have rebooted the computer few times which is the only thing I can do now. Please help me to solve this problem."

It must be very nettlesome when people coming across this situation. If the SATA hard disk drive can not be recognized implies that the data on it are dangerous too. But do not panic and do not worry, there are some solutions available. Well, in order to tackle with such problems we should get to understand the causations first.

Sometimes, even the hard disk can be recognized under Disk Managment, it also shows as a RAW file system. In such a situation, you may want to format the hard disk to change RAW to NTFS or FAT32.

The common reasons for SATA hard disk drive not detected

1. Improperly setting up

Sometimes people are not very clear about how to perform the whole setting or just accidentally pressed the wrong button or made wrong tick. These actions could make the computer system not to recognize the SATA hard disk drive.

2. The essential problems of the devices

Sometimes even if the setting is all right, SATA hard disk drive is still not detected. Then you should inspect the devices such as port has broken, data line has broken and so on.

3.The SATA hard disk drive has been damaged

The commonest reason is corruption. Inappropriate manipulations can cause the hard disk drives corrupted, like suddenly turning on or turning off the computer, had a power failure while the hard disk drive was processing stuff. Also voltage instability can cause corruption.

4.Virus infection

Receiving the data from other computers which is already virulent, download virulent data form internet and put into the SATA hard disk drive, inserting other sick external hard disk drive to the computer then let SATA to process it. All the movements i mentioned previously can trigger the corruptions.

How can we make the SATA hard drive detected?

1.If the reason is about setting, then you just need few mouse clicks. I will give you an example. If the controller that the main board provided is not set as RAID, or it is screened in BIOS, actually you can see the hard drive but when you start the RAID function the SATA hard drive can not be found. You just have to close the RAID button in BIOS, and install the system, then press F6 when the monitor showing " Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID drive." And the SATA hard drive could be found afterwards.

2.After you inspect all your devices then you can make the judgment whether should you replace any broken devices here.

3.If the SATA hard disk drive has a corruption then you need to download some recovery softwares to fix it. These software is the key point of retrieving your lost data too.

How can we retrieve the data from the undetected SATA hard disk drive?

Sometimes after you fixed the drive the lost data might still stays disappeared anyway, then you just get into internet and download a data recovery software to help you track the infos back. After you launch it you only need to start its mighty scan function, and the software would locate the data and restore them. The advantages of this kind of data recovery tools are many. Firstly, they can deal with any type of computer system, and the same for file types. Secondly, their power covers lots of different brands of hard disk drives, also good for various different hard drives, so SATA is of course included too. They are able to restore lost files from formatted or USB drive that appears as unknown drive as well. They can face any kinds of format too. There are already tons of people have tried them and mostly they produced a really good job, because they are high efficient and they have high qualities.


After you fund out that your essential data have vanished you should not input anything on the SATA hard drive because if you overwrite it the data would be lost forever.

Recover Data When SATA Hard Disk Not Detected

When a SATA hard disk cannot be detected by Windows, you can use advanced and powerful data recovery software to restore files stored on the disk. The software can effectively recover files from the SATA hard disk even it cannot be detected.

Recover data from not detected SATA hard disk

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Run the software and select a proper recovery module to recover data from the SATA hard didsk.

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