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Recover Formatted WD External after Formatted by Mistake

After a long of computer using, i guess we are not surprised about various kinds of problems that might encounter. Such as virus attacking issues, computer crashing issues, hard drives damaged issues or formatting issues. Because of these questions are existing, they make us not to overlook them while we are enjoying the pleasures and convenience offered by computer and internet. However, to deal with all these problems is not that easy, since we need certain professional computer relevant knowledge as basic to solve them. But among them, the formatting problems could be relatively easier to handle for most of people to gain the lost data back. Although we can not deny that maybe there are still some people who do not completely know the solutions.

"I have done a foolish mistake few minutes ago that posed myself a big trouble. I have two external hard disk drives one is Seagate and another is Western Digital, i use them both for my work. I found out that one of them is full and the data on it are not very important at present so I decided to format it for further data in the future. But the problem is I forgot that I had them both on the computer when I was clicking the 'Format' button. So I chose the wrong one to format, now the Western Digital one has been formatted when I want to format the Seagate external hard disk, there were a great deal of useful and crucial data on it and I do not really have backups in my computer. I know that i can not be panic but 2 hours later one of my customers would come and his contract was on the formatted drive! Please help me to get those data back!"

This guy must be very anxious and vexed which I can fully understand since I had similar experiences as well. As nobody wants to be at such emergency, what can we do to restore the lost data back in a fast way and better by ourselves? I would like to give you another example.

"I had the Western Digital external hard disk drive formatted by mistake yesterday. The whole thing is just a terrible coincidence. I live in the dormitory with my roommate who has the same external hard disk drive as I have. But in order to avoid picking up the wrong one we made the marks to distinguish the drives, so normally we are fine with them. Yesterday my girlfriend came to see me at dormitory, she wanted to read the essays related to the class which were in my external hard disk drive. My mistake is letting her do it alone since I know that she is a very horrible computer user. When I finished shower she told me that she did something wrong. She formatted the drive! More importantly, she formatted my roommate's drive! Fortunately, my roommate once told me some data recovery softwares can fix such case. I swiftly download a free one on line and did the procedures to recover the lost data. It was easier and faster than i expect. Only 1 hour the data were all back, very lucky! Thanks to the guys who invented the data recovery softwares!"

Did you figure out what is the difference of these two examples? Yeah, you are right, the very important point is Data recovery softwares! Then let's get to know what do they can provide us.

Data Recovery Softwares:

Data recovery softwares are the optimum tools projected by experts to restore missing data from data storage devices.

They can recover the data from formatted external usb disk by accident; corrupted external hard drives, the drives which got virus or Trojan horses attacking and so on.

They can recover any types of data. Such as documents, music, videos, photos and so on. Also the formats of those files are widely covered by them as well.

They can work with any computer operating systems, like Windows system, Linux systems as well as Mac systems.

They are able to regain lost data from any brands of data storage equipments, like Toshiba, Aigo, Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Kingston and so on.

They are capable to support almost any files systems, for instance, FAT12, FAT32, FAT16, EXFAT, EXT3, EXT4, NTFS etc. If your drive shows that the file system now is RAW, do not worry, the data recovery softwares can handle that too.

7. They specially supply the function that you are enabled to take a look of those files you want to redeem from the formatted drives ahead of really recover it. Firstly decide which ones you want and then implement the recovery process.

Now you can feel fully confident to track back your data by such powerful and magical data recovery softwares, which will not let you down if you try!

Recover Data after Formatting WD External

You don't need to worry when formatting your Western Digital external hard disk, because data is recoverable with a third-party format recovery software. With the data recvoery software, you can unformat WD external and restore all lost files effectively.

Recover data from formatted wd external

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Connect the WD external hard disk to your computer and run the software.

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