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Seagate External Hard Disk Format Recovery

"This morning I maybe got my Seagate external USB disk drive formatted when I was trying format other hard disk drive. This sounds stupid though, I wanted to sort out some rooms for my new movies and photos few days later, but I accidentally pressed the Seagate external hard disk drive. So it is formatted now, I have tons of documents related to my very fatal work. I have to get them back otherwise I might lose my job which is horrible! Do I have any chance to recover my data from the formatted Seagate external hard disk drive?"

Maybe not only Seagate external hard disk drives, this vexed problem is for many other brands of data storage devices. And the similar voices crying for help like this one are not strange anymore, these days I have seen lots of them on line. Obviously, people have a lot of questions about formatting issues or data recovery methods. Here I can answer the last question of this example that there is a solution of finding back your lost data, which is finishing Seagate external hard disk format recovery by data recovery utilities! So in order to solve the question completed, maybe we should get the hang of what is formatting and data recovery.

What does formatting a hard disk drive mean?

Formatting is, to put it simply, an operation that divides the hard disk drive into different partitions with serial numbers for the computer to storing or reading data. This action is usually used for cleaning up the hard disk drives or it would occur when the first time the computer was installed. Formatting can be classified into high-level format and low-level format, usually if you do not specially choose one of them, the operating system defaults it as high-level format. People sometimes choose to format a hard disk drive on purpose or accidentally format it. Both of the motives lead to a same end: your data on it would be disappeared if you do not have backups.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is a process to rescue the lost data from some situations like hard disk drives are formatted or corrupted, virus attacked hard disk drives, data loss due to computer suddenly crashed, and so on. Now it is more often to recover to lost data by data recovery softwares. They are especially projected by experts to salvage the informations from the circumstances I mentioned above so they hold the abilities we need.

The features of data recovery softwares:

As the most popular tools to help people restore the data, data recovery softwares must have varieties of functions. They do harbour the very large range of what they can recover from indeed.

1. It is very easy to operate the recovery process. This operation is suitable for any age groups due to there are simple applying instructions and successful instances. So you can get on it quickly.

2. Applying data recovery softwares is convenient and cost-effective. You do not have carry the external hard disk drive to the professionals, you can receive the assistance at home. Some softwares would charge you for a very little mount of money, some of them are even free for applying.

3.The data recovery softwares are able to recover almost any categories of files. For example: audio files (music, mp3, wma, wav), documents (word document, pdf, excel), videos (avi, rmvb, flv), email archives, zip archives and so on.

4.They can tackle with the data loss problems from any makes of data storage devices, like Panasonic, FujiFilm, Samsung, Canon, SanDisk, Kingston, Seagate, Toshiba, and so on.

5.They are capable to fit in almost any computer operating systems in the market. Windows systems (Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.) and Mac systems (Mac G5, Mac OS, Mac OS X and so on.)

6.They can work for not only external hard disk drives, also work for internal hard disk drives, SATA drives, various of cards, memory stick, Mp3 or Mp4 players and so on.

7. If the file systems are converted to RAW condition, the data recovery softwares can help as well. And they are good to work for NTFS, FAT32, FAT12, FAT16, EXT3 and other file systems too.

"The instance of who once utilized data recovery softwares to restore data from formatted Seagate external hard disk:

"Yesterday, I just put in my Seagate external hard disk drive and the PC sent me an interface asking me to format the external hard drive. And it would not let me get into it before I format it. So I lost my data on it. My colleague told me to use data recovery software, and I followed her. The recovery process was so fast and simple that I was so impressed. Use it, and you will not be regretful if you have the same troubles as I had."

Recover Data after Formatting Seagate External Disk

You can use this professional and powerful data recovery software to unformat your Seagate external hard disk and get back all kinds of lost files such as photos, music, videos and more. This data recovery software is easy to handle and allows you to recover lost data effectively and safely.

Recover data from formatted Seagate external hard disk

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Connect the Seagate external hard disk to your computer. Then, run the software and go to a proper recovery module.

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