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Recovering Data from External Hard Drive after a Full/Quick Format

I guess after the societies have been developed for decades that no one could deny how much significance the computer means to human beings. And I can imagine how much that all of us have been influenced by the magic digital tools. I personally started to use computer since 12 years old, and during this long time I have learned a lot about PC stuff. No surprisingly, I have made tons of mistakes as well, and I just know how anxious and upset when the important data lost due to format issues and so on. That is why I write this article to tell the people who do not know that much about format issues and data loss. I would love to give you few examples about data loss attribute to formatted external hard drives.

"I forgot to unplug my external hard disk drive from computer when i reinstalling my computer system. And when the process was finished, I found out there was a new hard disk drive on it named hard disk drive F. (Actually this one is my external hard disk drive, but I did not notice it.) I thought it was useless and it occupied the space, so i formatted it. 2 hours later when I was looking for my external hard disk drive I finally realized that the formatted hard disk drive F is the one. I am so regretful now, and all my important infos on it can not be reached. Do I still have a chance to recover the data from external hard drive after formatted it?"

"I was delivering some information from my computer to my external hard disk drive, and my dog was annoying me all the time. (Because I was eating too.) I guess I accidentally pressed the ‘Yes’ button when the ‘Your external hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?’ came out. When I realized I formatted my drive i was so angry and panic. Because I do not have backups anymore, I just delivered the backups to the drive! Then I spilled the juice, and then the dog barked, everything is just messed up... Can you teach me how to recover the data?"

I can totally understand their feelings coz I have encountered such situations too. And now I am telling you that your problem is curable. The experts have invented Data Recovery Softwares to solve your problems.

What are data recovery softwares?

Data recovery softwares were projected for data loss. First, they can be reached easily, you can get into internet and type the key words then you will find tons of them, including some cost-free ones. Then they are very simple to be used, just after you read the instructions you will immediately know how to do.

What can data recovery softwares do for us?

Retrieving your lost data by initially scanning your formatted drive and steer around the operating system, then read the lost data from the invisible deleted list and put them back on the drive. However, before you start to do this, there is a very crucial point that you must remember, which is overwriting. Overwriting means to put or type anything on this formatted hard disk drive, and caused the potentially existing lost data can not be restored for good. If you overwrote the formatted drive before you apply the data recovery tools to assist, you might impossibly to find your data back now. So please keep this point in mind.

What kind of data the softwares can redeem?

Technically, the softwares can help you with almost any patterns of files.

Music: WAVE, MOD, MIDI, Mp3, RA, RAM, RM, WMA, AIF, AU, CDA, CMF etc.

Photos: JPEG, Flash Pix, TIFF, GIF, MPEG, BMP, PSD,PNG, SWF, SVG etc.

Videos: RM, AVI, Mp4, RMVB, MTV, DAT, WMV, AMV, DMV, FIV etc.

Documents:DOC, DOCX, TXT, ACE, ACT, ASM, BOX, CLP, CST etc.

What kind of devices the softwares can handle?

This data recovery software supports all brands of external hard disk, so it can recover data from formatted Maxtor external hard disk, Seagate external hard disk, WD external hard disk, etc.

They are quite capable to recover data from formatted memory card, external hard disk drives, external USB flash or pen drives, thumb drives, SATA hard drives, SD cards, memory sticks and so on.

What kind of computer system they can fit in?

They can face almost all Windows systems( Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows ME and so on.) as well as Mac systems(Mac OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.0, Mac OS X 10.1 and so on.)

Thereby, you can get why there are many people would choose data recovery tools to restore the lost data. In addition, these softwares are widely praised by users due to its high efficiency. Ultimately, I hope what I told you today can help all of you to retrieve your important data successfully! Good luck!

Recover Data after formatting hard disk

If you are still wonder if it is possible to recover data from a formatted hard disk drive, you can use this data recovery software. With this data recovery software, you are able to recover any data from any hard disk drive.

Recover data from formatted hard disk

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software. Run the software and select a recovery module to begin to recover data from the formatted hard disk.

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