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"Disk not formatted, do you want to format it now?" Have you ever run into such kind of error messages while using your USB card to download some data from a computer or upload some files to a computer? If it happened to you what mentioned above, then, you should pay special attention to the information below.

USB format error:

I have a small and cute usb drive, and it worked fine all the time until yesterday afternoon, it refused to work any more. I don't know why but it just gave me the error message over and over again! Whenever I connect it to the computer, it asked me to format it. I have no other choice but to follow its advice, but I failed time and time again! What's the matter with it? Can I have the numbers of music and photos back to me? I hope there should be someone who can help me out.

My sandisk usb drive was infected by virus and I had to format it when I noticed it and the USB drive has RAW file system. But Things just went athwart;, it showed that I could not have my usb drive formatted! The only way I could think of was to format it again and again. But nothing happened! I still can't format my usb. Is there anyone who can give me some advice?

Solutions for USB format error:

It happens that we might not be able to format our usb drives. Once the format error occurs, it will results in data loss and we could have no access to the files any more. In that case, the quickest way for us to regain our data is to fall back on the backups we have made previously. But some of us are too lazy to make any backups of important files. What can these people do to get the lost data back?
The most feasible method for this problem is to apply to the data recovery software. It is a powerful program which is capable of restoring data of different formats and types. Besides, it is highly compatible with all popular operation systems.

More importantly, the data recovery software is particularly simple to use. It is perfectly designed to meet the needs of general public. It is not necessary for you to master the professional knowledge and technical skills before you can use the program to restore your data from a unformatted USB drive, recover data from RAW external hard drive, etc.


Recover data before removing the USB format error

Before removing the USB format errors, it is necessary for you to restore the fatal data on your USB drive. The right way to rescue the unaccessible files on a unformatted USB drive is to stop using the drive and get the data recovery software to restore it. Following are a few simple steps for you to perform the program:

Recover data before removing the USB format error

Preparation: Download and install data recovery software on your PC and then connect your media which has problem on to the PC. And run the program.

1You should download a data recovery program and have it installed on your PC.
2You need to connect your USB drive to the computer furnished with the data recovery program.
3You ought to launch the program and get it to scan the target files.
4Preview and select the files to be recovered.
5Start recovering and save the retrieved data to your PC hard drive or other memory drives.


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