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External Hard Disk Drive Format Recovery


Currently, in order to manage our data efficiently and orderly, people reserve it in many different ways. Some of them do not have massive amount, then a personal computer would be perfectly fit; some people tend to store a large sum of it, then they might need some tools to help. Thereby external hard disk drive has a space to show. However you can not expect everything goes smoothly as they will never have an annoying problem.

"I guess i just lost my very important information which link to my work, and I exigently need them back. Just about 10 minutes ago my computer popped up a window asked me to format my external hard disk drive. Because I have heard about this situation before from my coworkers that they said the external hard drive would need to format at times. As you imagined, I did format it. And now I can not find anything on it. Is there anybody can help me with this issue?"

"I need help about external hard disk drive data recovery! I just came home like 1 hour ago and I found out that my hard disk drive can not be used normally. I live with my girlfriend and she is a kind of person who can not handle computer stuff so I guess she messed up my external hard disk drive. I have got lots of study materials in it as well as my family videos. Now the computer indicates that my external hard disk drive has been formatted, but nothing left on it. How can I do to solve this problem?"

Do these circumstances look familiar to you? If your answer is yes then you must understand the anxious feelings of these two people. So how can we get through this problem? Like some people accidentally deleted their data in hard disk drive, you could also go to some data recovery software. There are some very valid ones on line that you can download to directly use for data loss involving formatted external hard disk drive. And you might be surprised about its efficiency.

Few causes of external hard disk drive format:

"External hard disk drive is not formatted, do you want to format it?"

External hard disk says not formatted error and becomes RAW file system. Maybe you formatted your external hard disk drive after you saw this dialog, and if you did not format it the computer would not let you get into your external hard drive, which means you can not get to your data without doing this action.

Formatted your external hard disk drive by accident

Sometimes after a whole day exhausting work you might neglect or misread the dialog that computer sends to you, and you just click "yes" without thinking. After you checked all your files you finally recognized that you do not really have backups. Is there anything can be more vexed? Just let the little helpers, the format data recovery tools to assist you.

External hard disk drive is initialized when you put it on your computer.

Just like the first time you use your external hard disk dive the computer would firstly scan it to make sure the space for your data. And this is absolutely a reason that your data disappeared.

What can format recovery tools do for you?

Why are you looking for these softwares? Because you want you infos back, and they are good at recover data from format external hard disk drive. In the meantime they do no cause any other damage to your files when they scanning your external hard disk drive. And they arrange different builds to restore data for both Mac and Windows. You can use it to cope with any kinds of format which is very convenient. All of these merits made the amount of people who use them to retrieve their data from format hard disk drive increased swiftly nowadays. In conclusion, you will not be regret have one of these softwares.

What can we do to prevent this scenario happen again?

It's good in anyway for you build a habit to make backups. Read dialogs carefully and do not click "yes" after you comprehend it. Be certain that you are doing the right actions to your hard drives when you clear up your computer. Store your important equipments (like USB flash drive, external hard drive) in the proper place.

Recover Data after Formatting External Hard Disk

With help of this data recovery software, you are able to recover all kinds of data such as pictures, videos, music, etc from external hard disk when it is formatted or reformatted by mistake or not formatted error.

Recover data from formatted external hard disk

Preparation: Download and install the data recovery software. Insert your external hard disk to the computer and launch the software.

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